• Elect Roger Hart to North Cowichan Council, Saturday, November 19, 2011

  • Putting Hart into the Community

    As a resident, husband, father and grandfather of people living in the Cowichan Valley, I am deeply concerned that our people can support their families while living here – both now and for generations to come. Affordability and local job creation are part of this - a community needs to be viable for everyone who lives here. We must ensure that our community includes a much richer variety of jobs than largely low paying ones in the service sector.

    My wife, Sally, and I have two beautiful grandchildren, Jubal and Jade, who live nearby, but if we continue on our present path even a modest house will be beyond their reach and the beautiful environment we all cherish will be lost.

    In the course of a long and varied career I have developed excellent listening skills, a respectful and collaborative approach to working with other people – even those who do not share my views, an ability to envision “What might be?” and above all, an ability to take leadership and put those ideas into action that stem from the heart!